Birthday Wing Rules

  • You Must Make a Reservation Online or by calling 315-681-2005 at least 24 hours prior to your Birthday.

  • You Must present a valid ID and be at least 21 years of age.

  • The Birthday wings are dine in only.  So if your a little older you might want to bring some friends.

  • Wings do not include Blue cheese, ranch or celery; However they can be purchased separately.

  • You May choose 2 different sauces for your Birthday wings.  There is a small up charge for additional sauces.

  • To avoid waste we will bring 10 wings per person to start then they will be brought out at the servers discretion.

  • You May take home one dozen wings at no charge anything over that will be $11.00 per dozen or .85 per wing.

  • Any table receiving birthday wings is not eligible for for any other discounts.

  • You may not receive separate checks.  This helps us to be more efficient.

  • There is a Minimum of $20 (pretax) on the check in order to be eligible for the Free Birthday Wings

  • Any table receiving birthday wings will be subject to a 20% Service Charge (before Birthday Wing Discount)

  • Every Person at The Table of the Birthday Person must Purchase a Beverage.

  • Lastly Enjoy Your Birthday Wings Compliments of Newark Kountry Club!!

  • In the event we are closed on your birthday we will honor your Birthday Wings the NEXT business day we are open.

Birthday Wing Reservations


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